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Try the Organic Coconut Butter Body Scrub, based on sea salt sugar and natural oils, jojoba, coconut, shea, almond and argan

Matinee organic is a body care cosmetic based on Mediterranean salts rich in minerals and trace elements.


As part of natural oils from tropical islands:


Coconut oil,  shea butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and other oils.


The oil nourishes and regenerates the skin, and a specially developed recipe in our French laboratory allows you to preserve and enrich the skin with micronutrients.

organic  body cosmetics

Модель нижняя часть лица

Matinee minerals are organic mineral cosmetics.

Mineral makeup is the best solution in 2022.


Cosmetics are made from crushed minerals such as mica mica sericite, iron oxide and other minerals, without the use of binders.


Minerals are natural ingredients clinically proven to have no negative effect on the epidermis and do not clog pores.

mineral  face cosmetics


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